SECAUCUS - The mayor of Secaucus says the NFL owes the town $25,000 because it backed out of a deal to rent space at the high school.

Mayor Michael Gonnelli says the half-time show was supposed to use the high school and parking lot for volunteers.

The Secaucus volunteer fire department was also on standby to work on game day.

The money collected from the rental was supposed to go toward Secaucus schools.

Gonnelli says he was disappointed when organizers backed out of the deal a week before the Super Bowl.

"The NFL makes billions of dollars off this game," the mayor says. "To overlook these guys who took time out of their lives to protect this area is crazy."

An NFL spokesman says they are not aware of a request for $25,000 but suggests the city should hold Touchdown Entertainment, which organized the half-time show, responsible for the debt.