SECAUCUS - Secaucus Mayor Mike Gonnelli says the NFL broke two contracts with his town, leaving them without an expected cash influx.

Gonnelli says the NFL promised to promote the Super Bowl with banners in downtown Secaucus.

“I was in Manhattan the other day and every pole had a Super Bowl banner,” said the mayor. “There's not even a hint the Super Bowl is here. That was a slap in the face to all of us here in New Jersey. I do not have this warm, fuzzy feeling for what the NFL is doing in New Jersey."

The other deal involved Secaucus High School, which is close to MetLife Stadium. The NFL was to use the space as staging area for the halftime show. Gonnelli says the NFL pulled out of the deal last week, losing $35,000 for the town.

The NFL has not commented on the contracts, but it has said recently that it tried to spread events through New Jersey and New York, including Media Day in Newark. The team hotels are in Jersey City.

Local Secaucus businesses told News 12 that they have not seen an increase in business due to Super Bowl-related traffic.

However, several of the 15 hotels in Secaucus were booked solid for this weekend.

News 12 spoke with one hotel owner who said there are only two rooms left, and they’re being offered for more than $500 each.