EAST RUTHERFORD - Super Bowl organizers say they will have power to spare, and fans won't be subjected to a repeat of last season’s Super Bowl black out.

The Mercedes-Benz Super Dome in New Orleans lost power for more than 30 minutes during the big game.

Officials from MetLife Stadium have been working with PSE&G to make sure the venue is ready by purchasing new equipment and installing a new substation.

They also made upgrades to existing equipment and bought extra generators.

"We have taken every precaution and every lesson learned from prior Super Bowls and applied all of those to the operation here in New Jersey," says PSE&G spokesperson Ralph Larosa. "As a result, we think we're going to have a great event and the power is going to be the least of things to worry about."

Stadium officials also conducted a power outage test to make sure backup systems work properly.

Super Bowl XLVIII is less than three months away.