SECAUCUS - The NFL has agreed to pay the town of Secaucus after pulling out of a deal to rent parts of a high school as a staging area during the Super Bowl.

Mayor Micheal Gonnelli says an NFL production company had agreed to pay the town $18,000 for space, security, setup and cleanup at Secaucus High School. Another $5,000 was promised to the town's volunteer fire departments to help with parking.

Just days before the big game, the company canceled the contract.

"We spent money to prepare contracts, we had people assigned to come in and work that day," says Gonnelli. "We had volunteer firefighters who throughout Super Bowl week and Super Bowl Sunday worked on their own time. So this would be a fundraiser for them."

The NFL will give the city $13,000, which is all the money promised, minus $5,000 for security detail that was never used. The fire department will still get the full $5,000 it was promised.