MORRISTOWN - A group of young New Jersey singers is getting its big break at the big game this weekend by performing "America the Beautiful" with Queen Latifah.

The New Jersey Youth Chorus, made up of middle and high school students, learned of the honor on Monday.

"We came in and we got ushered into a room and Queen Latifah showed up on Skype," says Irena Chiang. "And we went crazy."

Queen Latifah, who is from New Jersey, saw the chorus on YouTube and asked them to join her when she sings "America the Beautiful" at the pre-game show at MetLife Stadium.

"It's insane," says Caroline Casey. "It's 80,000, biggest venue I've ever performed at."

Chorus founder Trish Joyce got the call asking the chorus to sing. "Well I said yes before she even finished the sentence," she says. "That's for sure."

The chorus will get to meet Queen Latifah for the first time on Friday when they rehearse together at MetLife Stadium.

For extended video of the New Jersey Youth Chorus, watch the clip to the left or click News 12 Extra on Optimum TV channel 612.