MORRISTOWN - Super Bowl Sunday will bring the super rich into New Jersey, many arriving on corporate or private jets. At Morristown Municipal Airport, travelers are being put on notice

They are anticipating a rush of arrivals at the small airfield. "We have some from the West Coast but really throughout the nation," says airport spokesperson Maria Sheridan.

Morristown, located nearly 30 miles west of MetLife Stadium, may be more appealing to some of the jet set Super Bowl travelers because the airport is not subject to a no-fly zone during the Super Bowl.

"Unlike Teterboro and Newark that will be closed during a temporary flight restriction, we will be open," Sheridan says.

That could bring more landings and take-offs to Morristown, which has 60 flights already reserved with more expected. Airport managers say they may even have a problem parking all the planes.

Airport officials are expected to close the shortest and least used runway and turning it into an airplane parking lot.

Some aircraft are expected to fly in and out the same day, others will stay a night or longer.

The airport also expects to accommodate many departures even before the game ends.