EAST RUTHERFORD - Some North Jersey restaurants and hotels say the Super Bowl boom has been more of a bust.

Business owners near MetLife Stadium were told they would get a piece of the Super Bowl pie. Officials touted a $500 million economic impact to the metro area.

Tommy Leier, manager of Steve's Sizzling Steaks, says he's not buying it. His restaurant sits just minutes from the stadium.  He wants to know what happened to the weeklong celebration and influx of tourists he was expecting.

"We were told it would be crazy," Leier says. "And as of right now, I'm not seeing that."

Area hotels, which many expected to be fully booked, are not. 

Business owners say they don't expect a big boost on Sunday because of the way people will be going to the game. Taxis and limos are banned for security reasons, and less than half of the usual number of parking spots will be available. 

The NFL says 70-percent of game attendees will be arriving by mass transit.  The other attendees will arrive via shuttles from satellite lots. Using mass transit and shuttles means attendees will bypass local businesses.

Business owners say there aren't enough activities for fans in the Garden State.  Nearly everything, they say, is in New York.