HOBOKEN - Iconic roman numerals representing the momentous event coming to New Jersey this weekend were unveiled as a weeklong party began at Pier A Park in Hoboken.

Almost a year's worth of work went into the project. Designer Scott Katz and a team of neighbors from Hoboken felt New Jersey needed to have a significant presence for the Super Bowl.

The oversized roman numerals will be on the pier this week for fans to take photos with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop.

Football great Ron Jaworski says the Super Bowl is New Jersey's game. "I'm proud the state of New Jersey is hosting the Super Bowl."

Former Giant Amani Toomer can't believe the game is in the Garden State. "To have the Super Bowl in New Jersey, it is something I never thought would happen," he says. "It's great how Hoboken and all the different towns are supporting it."

The cold weather on the pier has created a prime area for the Olympic sport of curling. Ice was installed so visitors could try their hand at the sport.

"Curling goes back 500-some years to Scotland," says Rick Patzke, with USA Curling. "It's been in the Olympics since 1924 as a demonstration sport and officially a full-medal sport again in 1998."

All of Hoboken's events were organized by residents, who donated time, effort and money.