EAST RUTHERFORD - Hackensack University Medical Center is doing its part to keep football fans safe at Super Bowl XLVIII.

The hospital gave tours Wednesday of it's Mobile Satellite Emergency Department, which will be on-hand for the big game.

The mobile center is a portable ER, set up inside a 43-foot truck with expandable sides. It includes everything a traditional emergency room has.

The unit houses beds, cardiac monitoring, a lab, ultrasound and an X-ray machine.

"The last thing you want to do is go to the hospital and be tied up there for a while and never get to back into the game," says Dr. Joseph Feldman. "There will be a select group of patients, that if they're unlucky enough to have an injury or illness, they can be seen [at the mobile unit] and go right back to game."

The portable emergency room was created to help out in natural or man-made disasters and was deployed five times during and after Sandy.

The hospital has two mobile satellite ERs and one mobile operating room.