EAST RUTHERFORD - MetLife Stadium officials say they are ready if a storm like the one predicted this week were to hit during Super Bowl weekend, but fans say they aren't so confident.

Marissa and Andrew Segal don't think the state is ready for a lot of snow and a football game. "It depends, 2 inches, fine, but a foot or something, not good," says Marissa Segal.

Representatives at MetLife Stadium say they are ready. "When the Super Bowl comes, we will be ready for anything," MetLife Stadium CEO Brad Mayne told News 12 New Jersey.

Two weeks ago, Super Bowl officials showed off a snow machine that can melt 600 tons of snow every hour. 

The New Jersey Department of Transportation says it is loaded up with 60,000 tons of salt.

"We have the trucks, we have the manpower and we have the supplies on hand to fight any major event," says New Jersey Department of Transportation spokesperson Joe Mrozek.

Some residents say snow won't stop the diehard fans. "It doesn't matter how much it costs or how the weather is," says Jignesh Patel. "People would still go watch it."