EAST RUTHERFORD - A New Jersey football fan is suing the NFL, claiming not enough Super Bowl tickets were made available to the general public.

Ticket prices for next month's big game are priced in the thousands and even tens of thousands on the secondary market, meaning those who get to see the big game in person will need deep pockets.

Fans say it's not just a matter of supply and demand. "It's price gauging," says football fan Jordan Wright. "The average fan can't afford to go to the game and enjoy it. They have to watch it at home."

The New Brunswick man is going after the NFL in a class action suit. His attorney, Bruce Nagel, filed the suit in Newark federal court, seeking $5 million in damages. The suit alleges the league violated New Jersey's Consumer Fraud Act, by only releasing one percent of the tickets to the general public.

Fans tell News 12 New Jersey they are frustrated at the lack of ticket availability. "I think more people should have access to the tickets," says Joe Bobacher. "It's not just for corporate people. It should be for the average fan, because the average fan is the one who supports the team throughout the year."

The suit also alleges ticket resellers bundle game tickets with multi-night stays at hotels. It says one such package is going for nearly $19,000.

In response, the NFL says its lawyers will review the complaint and respond accordingly. The league gives some tickets to teams, which hold lotteries among their fans. It also retains tickets for its sponsors, a long-standing practice.