WARETOWN - A couple whose home was flooded and rendered inhabitable by Sandy says they are being dealt an even harder blow by their insurance company.

The Waretown home of Dennis and Jill Belloff was sitting on sand that was washed away by the storm. The shifting caused a huge crack in the foundation.

The flood insurance company told the couple the house is insured but the ground underneath it is not and won't pay for certain repairs and rebuilding costs.

The Belloffs say their house has to be torn down, but they have only received $67,000 on a $250,000 flood insurance policy.

The company argues the policy is clear, stating, "we do not insure for lost property caused directly by earth movement even if the earth movement is caused by flooding."

Jill Belloff says that's just the company's way of getting out of paying up. "That's what they are getting us on, that's the loophole they are getting us on," she says.

The Belloffs believe they will end up suing the insurance company.