SEASIDE HEIGHTS - A couple that lost everything to Superstorm Sandy now has a new home thanks to volunteers who devoted countless hours to the project.

Joyce and Michael Curcio's home of more than 50 years on Hiering Avenue was condemned after waves knocked it off its foundation 17 months ago. The couple was left homeless and forced to rent.  That's where the Christian organization called Samaritan's Purse stepped in.

After the old home was demolished, the organization's volunteers came in from all over the country to build the Curcios a two-bedroom home from the ground up.  This time it was built smarter, with everything raised to help prevent damage from future flooding.

Now the couple is celebrating their homecoming. "It's been wonderful," says Joyce Curcio. "These people have given us a home to come back to, and we're just amazed and thrilled."

"Our sole purpose is to help people who are hurting in the world, fires, floods, wars, hurricanes, whatever the case is where there's a major disaster," says Andy Beauchamp, of Samaritan's Purse.

The couple's former mailbox, found floating across the lagoon, now decorates the backyard. 

"I think my faith in God has been restored and rebuilt as the house has," says Michael Curcio. "Words can't really explain what's in my heart."

The Curcios are awaiting the certificate of occupancy to move in.

Samaritan's Purse helped clean out more than 580 homes in New Jersey after the superstorm and helped restore 54 damaged houses.