TOMS RIVER - Utilities are still charging some residents who have not been able to return to their homes since Sandy.

Entire communities in Ocean County remain deserted disaster zones. Yet, people still displaced continue to get utility bills, and one local leader wants that to change.

Ocean County Freeholder Joseph Vicari has contacted the Board of Public Utilities and is petitioning the individual companies themselves, and asking them to stop charging victims with unreasonable bills.

"Either give them a credit or a reimbursement for anything they paid, and we want to make sure their credit rating is not hurt because they're not paying their bill," said Vicari.

Vicari says many victims are receiving bills based on fixed monthly budget plans or being billed for estimated usage. Some are even getting delinquency notices.

Vicari encourages victims to contact his office if they're receiving bills for service they're not using.