UNION BEACH - The borough of Union Beach is looking for people to help demolish Sandy-ravaged homes after FEMA denied covering the costs.

FEMA has already helped pay for demolition expenses of some 170 homes in Union Beach, but says the remaining 92 don't qualify because they did not sustain at least 51 percent damage.

The McQuarrie family home is among those denied for demolition by FEMA, but deemed uninhabitable by the borough.

"I can't believe 10 months and we didn't even get anywhere with our house," says Maria McQuarrie. "I thought we would have been back in our house by now." The family lives in a trailer beside their home.

FEMA says it won't cover the demolition of certain properties because they are not on the verge of collapse. Among the homes denied is a house on Jersey Avenue that has visible structural damage and appears to be splitting in half.

Councilman Victor Tuberion says a demolition company has been volunteering its services knocking down homes denied by FEMA, but says they need more help.

Borough officials say the goal is to clear the way for new homes to be built, so families can move out of the trailers and into real homes.

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