SEASIDE HEIGHTS - The towing company at the heart of a price-gouging controversy following Hurricane Sandy has reached a final settlement in the case.

APK Towing was the subject of a Kane In Your Corner investigation back in November. The Toms River-based company was accused of towing cars after Sandy, in some cases right out of driveways, then charging outrageous fees for drivers to reclaim their vehicles.

Immediately following the initial Kane In Your Corner report, APK Towing became the subject of an aggressive investigation by local police and the New Jersey Attorney General's Office. Soon after that, APK agreed to give everyone their cars back at no extra charge.

Now, the state and APK have agreed to resolve the investigation for good.

Under the newly reached settlement, APK agrees not to violate the state's price gouging laws in the future. Also, owners of any unclaimed cars now have 21 days to claim them for free.

Any customers charged prior to Nov. 20 will get back all of their money.

APK has also agreed to pay the state nearly $16,000 to cover the cost of the investigation. That payment will be forgiven as long as the company lives up to the rest of the agreement.