EDISON - In the year since the storm, Sandy victims have found out that just because they paid big insurance premiums doesn’t mean their claims would be paid.

Homeowners that feel cheated by their insurers with a low settlement or a denied claim have little time left to take legal action.

"People are delayed and denied," says Disaster Recovery Attorney Glen Ged about claims in Union Beach. "The insurance company isn't paying fair prices on a lot of claims. One over here in particular, there's a $1.2 million policy. The place is completely leveled and the insurance company has offered $9,400 with a $10,000 deductible. It's just not right."

Ged says his firm filed 250 lawsuits on behalf of victims on the one-year anniversary of Sandy.

Time is running out to take action. Glen Ged is a guest on News 12 New Jersey on Nov. 12. Go to www.facebook.com/news12ericl to post questions for Ged to answer on the show.