TRENTON - State Senate President Steve Sweeney is calling a new report on the distribution of Sandy recovery money "unacceptable," and says Gov. Chris Christie is hiding the truth.

"Anyone who thinks we did well with Sandy is fooling themselves," Sweeney says of the report, which he says came at a cost of $5 million. 

The 24-page report is the first since an oversight law was signed by the governor in March 2013. It includes summaries of five recovery projects, including the much-criticized housing program.

Housing advocates say the reports are designed to make sure the state wasn't getting ripped off, and the information is key to making sure officials learn from their mistakes.

The company initially hired to run the housing program was fired.

"People still today don't know in many instances why they may have been rejected from programs, why they didn't hear back from programs," says Adam Gordon, of the Fair Share Housing Center.

Sweeney says the report is missing valuable information, and the administration has refused to share the results of an internal monitor that's already submitted its report to the federal government.

A spokesman for the state treasurer's office says they have followed all of the state's reporting laws at a cost of less than $1 million, not $5 million as stated by Sweeney.