SURF CITY - The Long Beach Island community of Surf City is still putting the pieces together almost a year after Superstorm Sandy, but residents there say they have made significant progress.

Surf City Councilman Pater Hartney says the dune that was crucial in saving beach front homes is almost completely rebuilt in the year since Sandy. "The dunes provided the protection and we didn't have as much damage as other parts of the island due to the surge coming across the beach," he says.

But Surf City was vulnerable on the bay side, where homes flooded. Some were severely damaged and are still being elevated to protect against future floods.

Longtime resident Doris Schultz renovated her first floor because of Sandy damage and is one of the few year-round Surf City residents. The roughly mile-long community has a permanent population of just 1,200 residents.

One of the most significant signs of recovery in Surf City is the return of an annual fishing tournament that was cut short by the storm last year.