HIGHLANDS - A new Superstorm Sandy memorial sculpture in Highlands is drawing some criticism from residents.

Some have compared the sculpture to a World War II bunker or England's Stonehenge. The concrete monument was built with materials donated by local contractors and sits on a small public beach in town.

The project was approved unanimously by Highland council members at the start of the year, without ever seeing what the final project would look like.

The sculpture's designers say the open ceiling creates a reflective area for people to sit and remember Superstorm Sandy.

It has left some residents with mixed feelings.

"We were never asked if it should be built," says resident Marin Rosen. "It just appeared like an alien being overnight and now we're struck with it."

However, another resident, Marylee Karnick, says that she likes the structure.

"I think it will be a positive thing … once we find out what it will look like," she says. "I imagine the idea behind it was very thoughtful."

The project is nearly finished. Officials say it just needs a coat of gray paint.