MONMOUTH - A new report released this week says that Superstorm Sandy dumped over 11 billion gallons of sewage from treatment plants on the East Coast into waterways in New Jersey and New York.

The study, by the nonprofit science journalism group Climate Central, says areas from Washington D.C. to Connecticut were affected, but New Jersey and New York were the hardest hit. The report says that storm-surge flooding caused the sewage, one third of which was untreated.

Shore residents and visitors say they will be keeping an eye on water testing results as they are completed.

The report was based on data from state agencies and treatment plant operators. "I think it sounds dangerous," Jackson homeowner Laurie Wegner said. "Not to mention parts of houses and homes, automobiles. Who knows what else is in there since the storm?"

Monmouth County Health Coordinator Mike Meddis says the spillage is not expected to close beaches this summer.