UNION BEACH - Students from Union Beach Memorial School were back in their own building for the first time since Sandy flooded their school with a foot and a half of water.

Since then, students were spread among four different schools while repairs were made.

Administrators say that even though there are only 22 days left in the school year, it was important to bring students and teachers back together.

"It's good for the moral of this community good for the moral of students and teachers to finish together," Superintendent Joe Annibale says.

Students came out of the building Monday proudly wearing shirts that read, "Still here, Still strong."

The district also needed to bring students back because once repairs were completed, insurance would no longer pay for the temporary classroom space or to bus students to the other schools.

Students from Union Beach were spread between St. Catherines in Middletown, Holy Family in Hazlet, Keyport schools, and the adult school in town.

Most of the floors in the school needed just a thorough cleaning, but several carpeted rooms needed replacements.

The district is still busing in 45 students whose homes were damaged or destroyed. The parents of those students will have until November to decide whether or not they are moving back to town.