HOBOKEN - Students at Stevens Institute of Technology have created a home designed to withstand storms similar to Superstorm Sandy.

The sustainable and resilient or "SURE" home is the university's admission to the 2015 International Solar Decathlon, a design competition held every two years by the U.S. Department of Energy.

About three dozen Stevens students were handpicked to be a part of the project. The home was designed to be both energy-sufficient and storm-resilient.

"Everything we are using is 'off-shelf,' or hoping to be made available in five years. This is stuff you can see in your home very soon," says team member Elizabeth Lamb.

The home has solar panels, which can also shut around the home to act as a barrier against water. Doors installed can also make the home air-tight, protecting against flooding.

The house must be completed and tested on site by mid-August. Then it gets driven to California for the competition in September.

After the competition, it will be set up in Seaside Park, where it will serve as a public information center for storm resiliency.