LITTLE EGG HARBOR - The State of New Jersey has launched an effort to build affordable housing in areas affected by Sandy, but some residents are noticeably against the project.

The initiative means $600 million put into the development of 2,600 units in nine counties, and could make a difference to many who are still homeless after the storm.

Community Affairs Commissioner Richard Constable III says the project makes sense for many reasons. "Ocean, Monmouth and Atlantic [counties] taken together represent 75 percent of the damage from the storm from a housing standpoint and we really want to make sure resources go into those communities."

Some homeowners in Little Egg Harbor are critical of the plan, saying the money should be put into helping existing homeowners rebuild.

Other areas are already seeing development. One of the largest efforts is taking place in Atlantic County, where a Clarion Hotel and convention center damaged by Sandy will be revamped into an affordable housing complex.