MANASQUAN - State Senate President Stephen Sweeney is taking on Gov. Chris Christie over help for Sandy families, with a plan to override the governor's veto of the Sandy Bill of Rights.

Matthew Toole, his wife and their eight children have not been able to live in their Manasquan home since Sandy. They are battling their insurance company and say they have waited on a state grant for almost a year.

"We had 4 feet of water in the house," he says. "Came in real quick and didn't leave for a long time."

The Toole family doesn't know if they will ever be able to live in their house again, but what is most frustrating they say, is not being able to get straight answers.

"You just don't know where you stand," Toole says. "And that's kind of been the problem."

Sweeney says that issue was made worse with Christie's conditional veto of the Sandy Bill of Rights. Christie said the bill was costly and burdened in red tape. 

But Sweeney says the Bill of Rights will make sure that Matthew Toole and thousands of other New Jersey families can track their grant applications online, and get the answers they need. 

The state senator is trying to get enough Republicans to go along with an override, and hopes for a vote by the end of next month.