SEASIDE HEIGHTS - A Seaside Heights resident whose home was severely damaged by Sandy says a mistake by someone in the state's grant program almost cost her $10,000.

Theresa Scala says she received an email from the Department of Community Affairs saying she had been awarded a much-needed resettlement grant.

When Scala went to sign paperwork on Monday, she was told she received the acceptance email in error and was not entitled to the grant.

Scala says no one could tell her why she was being denied the money. The DCA told News 12 New Jersey that there had been a mistake and that Scala was in fact entitled to the money.

"My concern is I know there are millions of dollars out there," Scala says. "And my Jersey Shore family and friends are experiencing the same as I am."

The DCA spokesperson apologized for the mistake, but says with more than 30,000 applicants for the grants, mistakes are bound to happen. The spokesperson said there is an appeals process in place.