SEASIDE HEIGHTS - Seven months after Sandy caused extensive damage along the entire New Jersey shoreline, the towns are back in business and drawing crowds back in time for Memorial Day.

The Shake Shoppe Arcade off Hancock Avenue was destroyed by Sandy, but has been rebuilt and open to customers. Thanks to the help of a Seaside Park native who has known the owner of the Shake Shoppe for more than 20 years.

David Goldfarb, the president of Prime Time Amusements in South Florida, decided to partner with owner Patty Hershey to get the newly improved business up and running.

"It's going to be an all-in-one facility," Goldfarb says. "We're going to have ice cream, we're going to have arcades, we're going to have a candy facility, we're going to have a hamburger stand. It's going to be one-stop shop."

Last October's storm had ripped up the boardwalk and destroyed the amusement park's rides, including the Jet Star roller coaster, which was swept out into the water.

By March, construction crews were out building a new boardwalk and promised to finish by summer, keeping true to their word by finishing just a few weeks ago. Some rides are still awaiting construction, but others have already been installed and the boardwalk and its gift shops and restaurants are open.