SEA BRIGHT - A lifelong resident is back in her Sea Bright home, 20 months after it was destroyed by Sandy.

Desiree Pierce was welcomed back into the house she grew up in, nearly two years after the superstorm forced her and her three kids out.

The happy homecoming comes thanks in part to a joint effort between two nonprofit organizations, "Sea Bright Rising," and its new national partner, the "St. Bernard Project."

The director of Sea Bright Rising, Chad Carson, says it's the first homecoming for the partnership between the two groups who joined forces only a few months ago.

The goal is to raise donations and recruit volunteers to bring home owners displaced by Sandy.  

Carson says in most cases, the owners did everything right. "At the end of day, there was a gap that kept them from getting home," he says. "And we use volunteers and donated dollars to close that gap and get them back where they belong."

The partnership plans to rebuild 30 homes this year and 70 next year in Sea Bright and surrounding towns.  

"I hope they get the help I received because it's been a blessing," says Pierce. "And I'm very grateful and thankful for everyone"

Sea Bright Rising is currently working on four homes in the town and is accepting applications for others.