SAYREVILLE - Some Sayreville residents have started to receive buyout offers for their homes that were damaged by Sandy.

Many residents say they are insulted at the government's low offers as they struggle to recover from the storm that ransacked their homes.

One resident, Michael Kaliczynski, says that everyone there are just normal people that need the money to live. He says the government has offered him $355,000 for his Weber Avenue home that was appraised at more than $500,000 prior to the storm.

Kaliczynski says the state assessors did not get an accurate read of his home's pre-Sandy value, which is something he says many of his neighbors have been dealing with as well.

A spokesperson for the DEP, which runs the Blue Acres program, says they are using professional and certified assessors, and homeowners can get a second opinion if they think the original is too low.

FEMA announced today that it will get an additional $13 million to buy out another 67 homes in Sayreville. At least 125 are already eligible.