SAYREVILLE - Thousands of homeowners still cleaning up from Superstorm Sandy are turning to the state insurance commission for help with unresolved insurance claims.

State Banking and Insurance Commissioner Ken Kobylowski says it took the insurance companies a massive effort to close 96 percent of the half-million claims from Sandy homeowners. There are 20,000 unsettled cases.

"The companies need to live up to the terms of the policy," Kobylowski says. "It's a contract and they need to live up to their obligations under that contract and we will hold them to that now and in the future."

Kobylowski says homeowners and companies can enter into mediation to work out their compensation.

The offer for mediation could appeal to homeowners like Richard Melian, who says he didn't get nearly enough insurance money to rebuild his Sayreville home. Melian wants answers from his insurance company.

"Show me how to put this back together with the money that they're giving me," he told News 12 New Jersey.

Some Sayreville homeowners have decided against fighting that battle. Instead, they've chosen to take advantage of the state's buyout program and head to higher ground.