SAYREVILLE - Some residents in Sayreville whose homes were flooded during Sandy are still waiting to find out if their homes will be bought by the government.

In the Old Bridge section of Sayreville, more than 50 homes are uninhabitable or filled with mold.

More than half of those homeowners say they applied for the buyout after Superstorm Sandy, but they have not yet been approved.

Neighbors just down the street received notification that their homes would be bought by the government. More than 150 homes in other parts of Sayreville have been approved for a buyout.

The Department of Environmental Protection and the city of Sayreville tell News 12 New Jersey they are still considering applications. They say it is up to FEMA how much money is given out.

Officials say residents who fit their criteria shouldn't have to worry. But many residents are nervous and hope they hear something soon.

Many of the homes that have been bought out will become federal property and the land can never be built on again.