TOMS RIVER - Many victims of Hurricane Sandy are still waiting to receive insurance money from their mortgage companies.

When mortgaged properties are severely damaged, the insurance funds are not usually sent directly to the homeowner, but instead to the mortgage company.

Mary Beth O'Brien says that PNC Bank will not give her the remaining $28,000 to finish her flood damaged home. O'Brien says that's because the banks don't want her taking the money and running off, but she says she just wants to move back in to her home.

A spokesperson for PNC says, "Money is held to ensure our interests in the property are safeguarded.  We have to inspect to make sure the work is getting done and payments are paid in increments."

While waiting for the rest of her insurance money, O'Brien is forced to live in small quarters. She says that PNC has yet to give her a date for the inspections.