UNION BEACH - There are still more than 100 homes in Union Beach that need to be demolished after being badly damaged during Superstorm Sandy, meaning many families will not be in their own homes for the holidays.

Jamie Long is living in a trailer with her husband and daughter while their house is being worked on. Long is fighting breast cancer and says the trailer isn’t large enough for a proper Christmas tree.

“It’s going to be different. It’s not going to be like a regular home to have a Christmas tree,” she says.

Some of the trailers have been decorated with wreaths, Christmas lights and other decorations. Long says that her and her family are just trying to make the best of it.

Madeline Bennett, another Union Beach resident, says it is upsetting that so many people are still not in their homes so long after the storm.

“It’s not even close to being done and the sad part about this is that people in the other parts of the state don’t even know what’s going on here.”

Bennett’s family just moved out of their trailer and into their newly rebuilt home. She is now letting her neighbor live on her property while their home gets elevated. 

The Bennett family’s trailer is now being used by another family so that they have a place to stay this winter.