LITTLE EGG HARBOR - Many Sandy victims at the Jersey Shore are still living in trailers, struggling to survive in dangerously cold temperatures.

Fred Schaffer says he's burning through propane to stay alive in an aluminum trailer with no insulation. "You're talking sleeping at night under covers and covers," he says. "It's just incredible. It's hard to imagine unless you do it."

Despite an electric heater, it's still only 62 degrees inside the trailer during the day.

Schaffer knocked his waterfront home down after it was destroyed by Sandy. Insurance and loans helped buy a modular home, but without the grant money he's been promised, he can't pay for plumbing, electric and other necessities to make it livable.

"We are not back by any means," Schaffer says.

A family comes down on weekends to repair a house across the street and stays in another trailer. It's so cold for them that they've put up plywood around the bottom perimeter to keep the wind and frigid temperatures out.

Schaffer's neighbor, John Kristel, was also displaced by Sandy. He's renting out a room while his house is rebuilt. He knows how lucky he is to have heat.

"Yesterday, we were at 6 degrees and anyone trying to survive in a trailer must have been having a difficult time," says Kristel.

Schaffer is also caring for his three dogs in the cold with very limited space. His wife is staying with family through the winter.

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