TOMS RIVER - In the wake of allegations that fraud led to the underpaying of Superstorm Sandy flood claims, FEMA has reopened thousands of victim's cases for disaster recovery.

Victims of the storm gathered in Toms River Wednesday evening at a workshop held by a law firm to help homeowners learn how they can resubmit their claims to the agency.

Many of the people at the workshop told News 12 New Jersey they will appeal their claims and they will do so with legal representation.

"People really need to take a stand on this; tell the government that's not acceptable," says August Matteis, an attorney representing some of the victims.

FEMA says it's committed to a transparent process that is survivor-centric, in the wake of the fraud allegations.

People who incurred losses from Sandy between Oct. 27, 2012 through Nov. 6, 2012 are encouraged to contact FEMA to start that process if they want their claim reviewed.

FEMA did not indicate a deadline for this process.