NEWARK - Superstorm Sandy victims who believe they did not receive enough money from their insurance companies or were the victims of fraud by FEMA may soon be getting a big payout.

Sen. Robert Menendez announced Friday morning at a news conference that FEMA has agreed to reopen cases where fraud is suspected.

Hundreds of homeowners were denied reimbursement after their insurance companies determined damage was caused by ground movement during the flood and not the storm itself.

Therese Daidone hasn’t been able to live in her home in Brick since the storm. 

“Two and a half years later my house is rotting away to the point it needs to come down, it's sinking,” she says.

Now Daidone and others like her are hoping the insurance companies’ ruling will be thrown out and they can get home.

Sen. Menendez held the conference Friday prior to reports of criminal charges pending against him. He has been advocating for Sandy victims since the superstorm.