BRICK - Gov. Chris Christie's pledge to send millions of dollars to fire-damaged businesses in Seaside has infuriated many Sandy victims who say they still haven't received their share.

Nicole Bautista lost her home to Sandy last year, and says Christie's decision to send money meant for the Sandy recovery to help boardwalk fire victims is just another blow.

"It shouldn't go to a fire that happened after the storm and didn't have to do with the storm," Bautista says.

Bautista believes as long as there are people like her who are still out of their homes nearly a year after the storm, the money should go to them first. "We've been on waiting lists telling us when the money becomes available we would have that money," she says.

Bautista says her family can't keep paying the mortgage on an unlivable home and that she's running out of options.

The governor says boardwalk businesses were already struggling after the storm and need to get help fast for the sake of the local economy.

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority is expected to take action tomorrow on the governor's plan to reallocate the Sandy funding.