SEA BRIGHT - A Jersey Shore neighborhood still recovering from Superstorm Sandy was dealt another blow Friday as freezing floodwaters covered lawns and poured into homes.

Most of the floodwater caused by the first winter storm of 2014 had receded by Friday afternoon, but residents say water levels were as high as 5 feet on some side streets.

What remains of the water on the roadways will freeze over as temperatures drop. Debris and wood were carried from homes under construction post-Sandy.

Casey Wells is finally back in her home after being displaced by the superstorm. Wells says she's had it with the flooding. "I miss work because of this," she says. "It's a hassle."

Russ Hendricks says his front yard had 3 feet of water. "Couldn't get my car out. I had to pull it higher or I would have lost it," he says.

Chuck Grinnell wasn't as lucky. His new car, which replaced one ruined by Sandy has taken on the tidal floods that came after the snow. "The water came up," he says. "And it's due to come back and that's why I'm going to get this vehicle out of here.

Plows have come through the area to try to push the slushy mess back into the river, but residents say they are concerned about conditions as temperatures drop.