FORT MONMOUTH - Families displaced by Sandy that have called Fort Monmouth home since the superstorm began paying rent this week.

Some of the 20 families that remain have decided to move. The Sheridans, a family of five, are packed and ready to go, but they are moving from a townhouse to the main base.

It'll be one of three moves in the next six months. "It's a hassle to move across the base, because now we bounce from one place to another place," says Harry Sheridan. "Then again to the rental and then to our home."
The family will pay $1,800 in rent to stay on base on top of a mortgage for the house in Keansburg they just demolished. 

After months of working through red tape and later firing a shady contractor, things had been looking up for the Sheridans. They were given $140,000 in grant money to rebuild, and insurance eventually paid out $172,000.

The Sheridans are waiting on a contractor to begin the rebuilding process. Once that starts, it must be done within 90 days. But it's that period from right now to when the home is built that's causing another problem for the family.

If they find an apartment off-base they'll save money because they have qualified for six months of rental assistance, but finding a rental has been tough.

It is unclear how long they will be able to stay in the new Fort Monmouth location.