LONG BEACH ISLAND - A significant step in Sandy recovery is underway on Long Beach Island, but has closed portions of the beach.

The effort to replace the sand washed away by the storm has begun in Harvey Cedars.

Vacationers and business owners are frustrated by the timing of the project, but most realize the work is necessary for the long term.

The Army Corp of Engineers has started pulling sand from the ocean floor onto the beach from Essex Avenue to 86th Street. Repairs will also be done in Surf City and Brant Beach.

Homeowners told News 12 New Jersey that the dunes saved them from Sandy, and that they are glad the dunes are being built back up.

"Even though we lost our ocean view I don't mind," says Serge Mimassian. "We still have the house."

The owner of Ocean Grille in Harvey Cedars says the closures may have a short-term affect on sales, but is also supportive of the work. "It saved our store. Otherwise, it would have been in the bay, so I'm all for it."

The sand replenishment is part of a $30 million emergency beach repair project.