LAVALLETTE - Construction work on Route 35 in Ocean County is nearly finished almost three years after Superstorm Sandy, but Shore residents fear the work could be in jeopardy if Hurricane Joaquin impacts the region.

New Jersey Department of Transportation spokesman Steven Schapiro says that the new Route 35 is a much more robust road than it was in 2012 when Sandy hit. The roadway was originally 8-inch concrete slabs set on sand. Now the road is 24 inches of stone and asphalt.

A brand-new drainage system has also been installed that should help to alleviate flooding.

Even with all the improvements, some residents are still a bit leery of the approaching storm. Lavallette resident Kathleen Young is worried about being able to evacuate her grandmother if the hurricane does hit New Jersey.

"I think the best thing we could do is just get her out as early as possible, before everyone on the island tries to get out," Young says.

Schapiro says that if there is an evacuation, then all lanes along Route 35 would be open.