SOUTH RIVER - Residents of hard hit areas still trying to recover from Sandy are concerned about the allocation of some of those funds for the demolition of the area destroyed by last week's fire at Seaside Park.

Renee Moore says she is thankful for the money she has received to help repair her home although she admits it was not enough to cover all of her expenses. The news that Gov. Chris Christie plans to give more Sandy recovery money to the shore doesn't bother her.

"They do need the assistance. First, they had the storm, now they have the fire, they're going to need help," Moore says. "And I realize that the people inland need help as well, but [Christie] has to try to spread that money out the best he can,"

Others disagree, saying that the money should go the people who for which it was intended. "These people are waiting for buyouts and everything, and how long they gonna wait?" says Charlie Metts, of South River. "Now all of a sudden he's going to give it to them again? If they didn't have no insurance, shame on them."