JERSEY SHORE - Some Jersey Shore beaches may see more visitors this year as other popular spots continue to recover from Sandy damage.

The mayor of Wildwood says he's noticed more beachgoers from North Jersey making the trip to his town because some of the places they may normally go are still being reconstructed. Mayor Ernie Troiano says with fewer homes in livable condition, there are fewer rentals available, which means vacationers have been forced to look elsewhere.

Much of Wildwood was spared from Sandy's wrath. Troiano says he is grateful, and glad to see the new visitors, but wants other communities to know that he hopes they will return.

"We hope they come to us and return back to them," Troiano says. "We don't want them to be harmed in any way."

Realtors can help visitors find rentals in other communities if a first choice is not available.