BELMAR - The Red Cross is defending the handling of money donated for Sandy relief following accusations the organization is holding on to much-needed funds.

Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty says his town is still rebuilding after the superstorm, and is angry that the Red Cross has yet to distribute millions of dollars in donations.

Doherty says the money was given by people who wanted to help those in need immediately, and that it's unacceptable that some of that money has not been distributed.

"We can't have a wait-and-see attitude with families still displaced seven months after the storm," Doherty says. "We need to be aggressive about helping those families."

In a statement, the Red Cross says two-thirds of the more than $300 million it received in donations has been given out, and that the distribution process is ongoing.

Gov. Chris Christie has defended the Red Cross, saying that the organization is wise to hold on to some of the money for long term relief.