NORMANDY BEACH - The barrier island community of Normandy Beach is finally seeing some progress since Sandy blew through almost 10 months ago.

The town has made significant progress in the last few months, with recent home demolitions and reopened roads.

A car covered in the rubble of collapsed homes was thought to be a Jeep. Once it was removed, it was discovered that it was actually an Army supply truck.

Much of the fencing that blocked access to the beach at the end of Eighth Avenue has been removed, and there is a new access path that leads to the beach.

"I think things are starting to accelerate but I think it's another year and a half before we get close to normal," says homeowner Joe Ferris.

Demolitions in the Normandy Beach section of Brick began at the end of June. Once completed, as many as 400 Sandy-damaged homes will be knocked down.