POINT PLEASANT - A family in Point Pleasant whose house flooded during Superstorm Sandy is looking for help to build a new home.

The Pirl family, who live at 307 Laurel Court, will have their house demolished next month due to mold inside the home. The non-profit Shore-2-Recover has worked to get a demolition company to tear down the house and has recruited the owners of Jenkinson's Boardwalk to donate a temporary house for the family.

With new flood regulations in place for houses near the shore, the family is in need of donations to help build an elevator for their daughter, Caitlin, who was paralyzed by a drunken driver five years ago.

Money is also at a premium as Caitlin’s father, Chris, quit his job to care for her full-time. She gets six days of therapy each week and cannot be left alone.

If the elevator plans are not in place soon, construction on the new home may be pushed back.