BRICK - Plans to rebuild homes in the neighborhood known as Camp Osborn destroyed during Superstorm Sandy were unveiled today for homeowners at City Hall in Brick.

Camp Osborn is the area where 68 beach homes burned in a gas-fed fire when Sandy flooded Route 35. For six months, the property has been fenced off and homeowners have not been allowed inside because of safety concerns.

The plans unveiled today include homes that would be elevated on a platform to avoid flooding. On the main tract of land, a large complex would be raised on a platform and have a mix of single units and townhouses. Properties on the bay side would be rebuilt as a cottage zone. The plan would also include underground parking.

The plans were well-received by home owners, but the affordability of the massive project is not yet known.

The process of building could start next year. It is likely going to be two more years before residents are allowed to move back into Camp Osborn.