POINT PLEASANT - The Pirl family and their handicapped daughter may be able to tap into some cash from the federal government as they attempt to rebuild after Sandy.

On October 1, the Pirls plan to tear down their mold-infested home and rebuild with the help of donations. They will expand up to avoid future flooding and out to assist their daughter Caitlin, who is wheelchair-bound.

Officials say $2.8 million in federal grant money is being offered up to help those who lost handicapped accessible ramps.

The Pirls say they plan on an elevator for the new house because a ramp could be very difficult to install.

"I need a 9-foot ramp to reach my finished floor ,which means that it would be 131 feet long by code, with rest areas every 30 feet," Chris Pirl says. "We are still not sure how to handle that."

The Pirl family is moving out of their current home next week and will be staying in a donated home.