POINT PLEASANT - The Pirl family has finally been able to demolish their Sandy-damaged home to make room for a new and improved place to live.

The family was emotional as their home of 11 years on Laurel Court took less than an hour to bring down. The home had been infested with mold.

All of the work on the demolition, as well as the plumbing and woodwork for the new home, is being done for the family free of charge.

The new home will be elevated 9 feet, with a donated elevator for 24-year-old daughter Caitlyn, who is disabled after being run down by a drunken driver five years ago.

It'll be a new start for the family and some much needed comfort and space for their daughter.

"Every turn she makes she usually bumps things and her chair is broke half the time," says father Chris Pirl. "The new house is open - one big great room."

Construction on the home should begin in two weeks. The non-profit Shore-2-Recover has been working to bring these parties together to aid the Pirl family. 

All of Shore-2-Recover’s efforts and donations are currently going directly to the Pirl family.