HOBOKEN - The Hoboken City Council is discussing two measures that the mayor says will not only protect property and people, but help to lower insurance rates.

Newly re-elected Mayor Dawn Zimmer says increasing flood insurance rates are not only the result of flooding after Sandy, but also because of new federal legislation.

Zimmer says increased rates are too much for homeowners and potential buyers, which could hurt the recovering housing market.

"I was talking to a resident last night. Her insurance is going from $2,500 to $10,000 a year," says Zimmer.

Zimmer says two pieces of legislation in front of city council can help. The first re-introduces an already voted-down flood damage prevention ordinance. Future developers would have to raise utilities above the flood lines as part of the plan.

The second measure will prevent future development on piers along Hoboken's waterfront.

Zimmer says emergency rescues in flood zones are difficult enough. "When you're going out on a pier to try and make the rescue, you're putting our public safety officials at risk," she says.

Zimmer says the legislation should raise the city's rating with the National Flood Program, which means lower rates for residents. It will also make Hoboken safer, and more resilient against future storms.

The proposals have passed their first reading, and will now move on to a public hearing.